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Student Clubs

At IULI not everything is about studying. With our student clubs we have a big variety of extra-curricular activities for you to learn interesting things and to get in touch with other students. Feel free to join any of our clubs, just call or write a mail to our student association manager: Samantha Born, Phone: +62 878 4403 3005, mail: samatha.born@iuli.ac.id.

IULI English Club (IEC) is a platform for all members to reach their fullest potential in their English competence.
Through its divisions, Debate and Speech, the club will help the members in improving their public speaking skills and knowledge. IEC will also help members in honing their logical way of thinking in organized manner, and to let them participate in various English competitions throughout the nation.
Furthermore, IEC will instill a sense of communal belonging for the members where constant improvement and development is the key to our growth in quality as a club.
“Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria.” “When there is unity, there is victory.”

The Traditional Dance Club is a media to appreciate Indonesian Cultural Dance and is performed in an art showcase. IULI students are also able to enhance their skills and awareness of the significance of sustaining traditional dance. Recently, we have two types of traditional dance: saman dance and ngarojeng dance. Saman dance originally comes from Aceh; this dance is renowned for its solidarity and fast hand movements. Ngarojeng danceis a Betawinese dance with a fast rhythm and expressive movements.

This club was established in order to appreciate and conserve Indonesian Traditional Music. Traditional Music is a musical escape from student’s heavy workload of tasks and assignments. The Traditional Music Club takes the students to a whole new level of relaxing their rigid and tensed shoulders through musical and social experiences. Established in 2015, the Traditional Music Club will continue to strive to conserve and appreciate traditional Indonesian heritage through a series of musical journeys conducted by the students of IULI.

The Aeromodelling Club is a way, not only for aviation engineering students, to excite student’s curiosity about the aviation field. The main activities include how to build aircraft models and how to fly the aircraft models. There are many types of aeromodelling such as glider, control line and remote control. In IULI the aeromodelling club creates aircraft models from different materials such as balsa wood and plastic.

The IULI Futsal Club was established in 2015 to fulfill the student wish to play futsal. The coach believes this club will grow as time goes by as long as there is team spirit. This club hopes to make IULI known as a contender in futsal.

The IULI Basketball club was established in 2015 in order to meet student demand. Members of IULI Basketball Club are expected to improve their skills and perform well in basketball games. Furthermore, the existence of this club hopefully will make IULI proud and well known in championships.

Members of The Robotic Club teach each other in order to develop skills in the robotics field. The aim of this club is to join robotics and electrical competitions so IULI will be known as the best in Robotic Skills.

The Theatre Club was established to provide an opportunity for students of IULI to express their artistic side. This Club is dedicated to bringing excitement and exploring students creativity on stage. The Theatre Club is committed to being a bridge for helping students of IULI to participate in campus life whether working backstage, in production, and, of course, in the spotlight.

The Choir is a club for students to exercise and enhance their talent, especially in vocals. The practice regime consists of vocal training, breathing management, learning how to read music sheets, and tone dynamics. Express the beauty of words, through the beauty of melodies!

Cycling is a life-style. Healthy is the fun place where to go, and mind refreshing is the ultimate goal. Currently, the name of “RadFahrers”  is taken from German language meaning, Rad = bicycle, Fahrer = rider. Mrs. Josephine Evelyn Tobing – German language lecturer contributes to the club naming. This club is established by mainly batch 2015 engineering students, near to the Orientation Week event of 2016 batch. This life-style club activity is mostly on every Saturday. The member will gather at the campus 2, GOP 6. Instead of fun-cycling, the club organize a seminar of bicycle maintenance, and touring.  We, the members, would like to welcome IULI’s students to join this club.

This club was created for students so that they have the opportunity to join competitions against other universities and also to establish great achievements in sport activities. Other than that students will also feel motivated to develop a sense of sportsmanship.

The Media Club by International University Liaison Indonesia will be established to showcase the ability and proficiency of university students in IULI. It is also to promote the existence and capabilities of IULI students in the growth of IULI as an education institution. In the Club, there are sub-Clubs that will be conducted and still be held responsible by the Media Club:

  1. Podcast Club: This club provides an opportunity for students to improve their speaking abilities and accelerate their growth as speakers. Each week, students will receive a topic ahead of time, get familiar with it, then talk about it with their weekly guest(s). The Podcast will be for an approximate of an hour and consist of 4 segments, i.e., Discussion, Advertisement, Media and Entertainment. The Podcast will be held at IULI Campus.

  1. Journalism Club: This club allows students to express their thoughts in a logical manner on paper. Each student will write Media that is related to the theme of the needs of the situation like, Current Affairs of Indonesia and International, Current Affairs of all the majors available in the campus, Events and Media progressing in the campus and neighboring areas. To make the work visible, the club will publish magazine / Media paper each month and End of Semester Books (Idea from High School Year Books), to express that our campus is active.

  1. Photography Club: This club has been established since 2016 by the first batch of students of IULI. This club has been accommodated for worthy use of leisure time by students in campus and also to provide the necessary information and training in photography so that students have special interest and abilities in this field. Before performing the activities, the members shall be offered their assignments and will be executed with mutual agreement. The Photography Club will include training to take pictures, develop film, and editing pictures in every month. To make it more visible, the photography club will publish the pictures in social media and Magazine.