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German International Institute

Key Facts

At the German International Institute (GII) we offer study programs in cooperation with German and other International Partner Universities. All GII study programs are taught in English and include an internship and study abroad. With the GII we give young people the chance to get a high quality international education based on the best practices of the Indonesian and German educational system. Our graduates speak fluent English and German and have international working and study experiences. With these, they are in high demand in the international labor market. Register now to get a FREE Info Sheet containing all Information about the German International Institute: Online Registration

Study Abroad: You will study one to two semester abroad in Germany, Switzerland or Taiwan. You will have lectures, laboratory work and you write your Bachelor Thesis under supervision of a German, Swiss or Taiwanese Professor.

Internship Abroad: You will do a three to six months internship abroad (Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan) to get first experiences in the international labor market.

Learn Foreign Languages: You will get free German and English classes held by native speakers. At the end of your study you will speak both languages fluently.

The German International Institute offers Bachelor Programs in the Field of Engineering, Life Sciences and Business & Social Sciences. All courses run 8 semesters with 144-155 SKS and are taught in English. At the end of your study you graduate with a National (S1) & International Degree (BA of Arts/Science).​ Register now to get a FREE Info Sheet containing all Information about the German International Institute: Online Registration

We charge a Development Fee of Rp. 15.000.000 and a Tuition Fee of Rp. 30.000.000 per semester. Register now to get a FREE Info Sheet containing all Information about the German International Institute: Online Registration

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Register now to get a FREE Info Sheet containing all Information about the German International Institute: Online Registration

Bachelor Programs

Aviation Engineering

Study Aviation Engineering and learn about Flight Dynamics, Aircraft Propulsion, Aerodynamics, Aircraft Systems and Components, Flight Control, Aviation Safety, etc..

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Computer Sciences

Study Computer Science and learn about Machine Learning, Advanced Data Structures, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Simulation, Human-Computer Interaction, etc..

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Automotive Engineering

Study Automotive Engineering and learn about Internal Combustion Engines, Computer Aided Design, Automotive Power Train Tech, Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines etc..

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Mechatronics Engineering

Study Mechatronics Engineering and learn about Sensors and Actuators, Signals and Systems, Robotics and Automation, Control Systems, Electronic Devices and Circuits, etc..

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Industrial Engineering

Study Industrial Engineering and learn about Electronic Devices, System Modelling, Robotics & Automation, Business Management, Economics, Accounting, Law, etc..

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Biomedical Engineering

Study Biomedical Engineering and learn about Biomedical Instrumentation, Biophysic , Anatomy & Physiology, Biomechanics & -physics, Capstone Design, Signal Processing, etc..

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Chemical Engineering

Study Chemical Engineering and learn about Fluid and Partical Mechanics, Microbiology, Separation Processes, Plant Health and Safety, Chemical Plant Design, etc..

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Food Technology

Study Food Technology at IULI and learn about Nutrition, Microbiology, Food Processing, Food Chemistry & Additives, Food Manufacturing, Food Processing, Sensory Analyzes, etc..

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Hotel & Tourism Management

Study Hotel and Tourism Management and learn about Hospitality, House Keeping, Front Office Theory & Practice, Planning Destinations & Attractions, Food & Beverage, etc..

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International Business Administration

Study International Business Administration and learn about Financial Management, Business Mathematics, Managerial Accounting, Internat. Business + Marketing + Economics.

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International Management

Study International Management and learn about Financial Management, Business Math, Operation & Project Management, Consumer Behaviour, Business Research, etc..

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International Relations

Study International Relations and learn about Management, Politics, Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, Regionalism, Political Economy, International History, etc..

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Master Programs

SRH Fernhochschule Riedlingen

Our Partner University in Germany for our Master of Business Administration 4.0 - a combination of a classical MBA study with Industry 4.0 topics.

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National Formosa University

Our Partner University in Taiwan for our 3+2 program: IULI for 3 years + 2 years at NFU, to complete the Bachelor Degree and Master’s Degree.

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Other Master Programs

We help you to join any Master Program at one of our international partner universities. Simply write an enquiry to our homepage chatbot (lower right corner).

Scholarships & Discounts

DAAD Scholarships

Full Scholarships for your study at IULI (Tuition Fee + Living Costs) | Scholarships for your study in Germany (Travel expenses + Living Costs) | Scholarships for German Language Courses in Germany (Travel expenses + Living costs)

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Sinarmas Land Scholarships

Up to 100% Scholarships for excellent students!

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Achievement Program

Get a Rp. 5.000.000 Discount for good academic and non-academic achievements.

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Student get Student

Get a 33% tuition fee discount for each new student you refer to IULI!

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Early Bird Discount

Save up to 30% on the first semester tuition fee with an early registration and application at IULI!

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Sibling Discount

Get a 50% tuition fee reduction if your sibling studies at IULI.

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Online Application

Online Application

Apply online for a study at the GII. Get an info sheet containing all information about the GII for FREE!

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